My work at Cube26

My work at Cube26

Cube26 has it’s innovations in the areas of Image Processing, Machine Vision, Machine Learning. They basically focus on gesture and image based controlling of the device. At this time Cube26 has partnerships with 6 Indian phone manufacturers including Micromax, Intex and Spice.

I’m in the Android development team of Cube26. At the time of writing this blog I’m working on the release of Micromax A290. We currently don’t have access to the whole source but some parts of the OS.

Below is the list of the features that I implemented/partly implemented in the Canvas A290 release :

  1. Low light reading flux mode : On the first day at Cube26 I started working on this flux mode. For the beta release I implemented it with the Launcher. Later I implemented it in the SystemUI.
  2. Stamina Mode : Ah. There was a lot of code involved in the Stamina mode. It’s task was to kill all the background apps, remove all apps from the recents, disable GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth. At 14% mode it will be automatically enabled. And at the 4% mode the it’ll automatically kill the RF of the phone by enabling Airplane mode.
  3. Vault : Vault itself was the part of a feature called Eyeris. In Eyeris, your phone will scan your retina and if it matches to the owner’s retina it will automatically unlock the phone and decrypt it. I implemented the functionality of Eyeris in Gallery to hide the images and in the messaging app to hide the messages.
  4. Camera : For some of the later days I kept working on implementing some features in the Camera app. The features included say cheese to capture a selfie, Anti Shake mode, Front and Back mode. Implementing all of them took a little long time.
  5. Look away to pause : To tell you the truth I didn’t wrote it’s Image Processing related code. The whole Image Processing code was written by some other genius soul. I just implemented it in the Gallery app (It’s one of the best features). The implementation is that if while watching a video if you look away to somewhere else the video will automatically pause.
  6. Auto Collage Maker : The core code of this feature was also written by someone else. I just improved upon it and enhanced it and merged it with the Gallery app.

Other projects:

  1. App for LAVA tablets to search internet for education related content given the topic as a query.
  2. Launcher to search your whole phone providing suggestions in realtime. Search was based on Lucene.

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