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Month: October 2015

Execute Java code as a root user in Android

Execute Java code as a root user in Android

You can find a lot of ways on StackOverflow about executing shell commands as root in Android, and it goes as follows :

What if you want to execute some Java code which uses Android APIs as a root user ?

This is not as straightforward as executing a shell command with root.

The idea is to compile the Java class with a static main method just like a normal apk is compiled.

First of all, we need to create a class which is to be executed as the root user. This class can be placed along with the normal classes inside your Android app. This should look like this (of course, the name of the class can be anything) :

Note that the package name of the above class is “” which will be used to identify the above class later.

The hack is to start the above class just like how the Android’s framework starts the app when we click on the launcher icon. We use app_process binary to load our java class. The app_process is in class path and can be called by executing app_process32 inside the shell.
But, here’s the trick. We will start app_process as a root user, which will in turn load our class, again having root as the executing user.

The above paragraph boils down to the following command which is supposed to be executed in a rooted device.

In the above command, replace and Main with your package name and class name respectively.

That’s all you need and your Java class will get executed as the root user.