Internship at Cube26 (during the summer vacations after 4th semester)

I’m really glad to be a part of this company. It’s really nice to work under some great minds.

At Cube26, we develop OS/softwares/apps for the Android phones of Micromax, Lava etc. I’ve learned a lot while working here. I’ll surely continue working with Cube26 🙂 .

Summer Internship at Karshin Technologies (During summers after 2nd Semester)

This was a hell awesome internship. We made a fully automatic petrol measuring device for the automobiles (mostly targeting trucks) . We used Arduino as the microcontroller. I myself wrote the whole code of making HTTP requests from the Arduino to the web server (which was written in PHP). I also made a website on which a user can login and see the details of his vehicles. The Arduino also sends a message to the phone of the owner of the vehicle notifying him about the amount and the place of refill of fuel.

Link :

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