Remote Droid

In a nutshell, it is an app to control your device via another device over internet connection pretty much like TeamViewer for PC.

The project is licensed under GPLv3 to support open source.

(I’ll create a separate post for this one as soon as I get time).

Demo :
Github URL :

Contributions in AOSP & AOKP

The following are my contributions in the Android OS :



And hopefully the above lists will increase in future 🙂 .

Contributions in phpMyAdmin

My contributions at phpMyAdmin :

I wasn’t selected in GSoC 2014 for phpMyAdmin though but it was nice to be a contributor of a big open source project. I don’t have any plans for contributing to phpMyAdmin anymore though.

Cody Kernel for Nexus 5 (4th Semester)

The soul purpose of this kernel is to open your favorite apps right from swiping a particular gesture on your screen. Its awesomeness lies in the fact that device doesn’t need to be switched on. You just need to swipe your fingers and the device will be turned on and the particular app will be opened which you decided from the cPanel. I later came to know that Mediatek has also implemented this feature in their phones 🙂 .

Link :

Android apps development with TeamOSC

I kind of met with some people by chance and started developing apps with them. We named us TeamOSC. We believe in open sourcing our projects. Here’s our github profile : . The following are some of our projects.

Subtle News :

Coupons India :

Carpool (Beta) :

Netra – A walking stick for blind (During summers after 2nd Semester)

This was a walking stick for blind people having the following features :

  • Real time tracking of the stick on a relative’s phone
  • Object detection and notifying the blind person
  • Lightening up of LEDs in dark using the photo diode
  • Emergency button on the stick which notifies the relative of the concerned person if he/she is in some emergency

We took this project in the Design Contest for Visually Impaired by Institute of Mechanical Engineers in Hong Kong and got 3 position in the competition.

Android Version Updater (During summers after 2nd Semester)

This app doesn’t actually updates/installs a new version of Android on your phone but rather edits the device’s build.prop file and changes the properties such as Android version, build number, device name etc. This app had over 2 Lac downloads but due to some reason my play store account got deleted and as of now on my new account this app has 1 Lac downloads.

Link :

Cheats App for Temple Run games (2nd Semester)

This was an android app which I made for increasing one’s coins and score in Temple Run 1/2/Oz. This app had 6k downloads in the first 2 days. But since it was violating Google’s content policy, Google removed it from the play store. The source code is present on my github profile.

Link : |

Website :

I did this project along with two other guys of my college. We build this website right from scratch.

Link : (website currently down, idk why)

Social Networking website for school (1st Semester)

I started developing with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and using PHP as the server side language. This was a social website for the alumni people. Though currently I’m not managing the website, I’ll upload the website somewhere on this blog.

Link :

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