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How to install an app to /system partition ?

How to install an app to /system partition ?

Note : This article is for you if you’re making an app for rooted android devices.

The normal behaviour being that the android’s package manager installs the apk file to /data partition. But for accessing hidden APIs and having extra privileges one may want the app to be installed in /system partition. For pre-kitkat devices the extra privileges folder is /system/app whereas for kitkat and post-kitkat devices the extra privileges folder is /system/priv-app.

The trick to install your app to /system partition is to first install it the normal way, then on the first run of the app, move the apk to /system/priv-app folder (/system/app for pre-kitkat devices). The following snippet of code makes your life easy to achieve this.

Use String.format() in your code to format the above commands as shown :

Execute the above formatted String after replacing the apk name, package name and the activity name to yours as shown :

I use libsuperuser to execute the SU commands in android. The way how to execute these commands is trivial and totally up to you.

Working example :